Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Old Guy Walking

Time almost to lie down as a corpse

Ears closed to the music shop

Visors over eyes, gauging theologians,

Retrofit for a deck chair in the shade

Fahrenheit seeping to a zero

Body's tired still becoming body

Wants the rest of things



  1. I like the rest of things. Yet, old man walking is better than dead man walking.

  2. I like gauging theologians. More and more so as we go.

    The photo reminded me of a solitary walk I once took in a long, narrow, winding alley in Madrid.

  3. Willow,

    Of course, there's the traditional play on 'rest' as 'remainder'. That might still have one walking and liking to!

    (I like to).


  4. Claudia,

    Definitely a European feel with the pic. Nothing so narrow in the States save maybe some few ancient places accidentally left, wedged between freeway embankments.

    (I do gauge theologians, in fact. Great reading. Maybe since they're typically avoided in the public schools. No atheist should be without them!)