Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Life In The Day

I'd give a Benz to have a pocketful of it,

That quieter mind, the circumambulation

In a large garden patch walled in by stones.

My rage would be falling to the ground

Scattered under work boots of the builders.

Read-up the literature of offices -- all mankind unite

In carrels and modules, cubicles and desk rows

Meeting up on the treadmills doing cardio

Seizing at the prime architecture of self

And a lunch of pork bun and orange soda.

I know too much about the proliferation

At my disposal -- scat music for the ears,

Digital van Gogh, ululations of a world.

My mirror is democratic;

It talks back in terms I understand.

They won't put me away.  I'm too valuable

As an example of the 60 percent man:

Forty of him you don't want to be.

They'll mint me a place with clean drywall

And a view of the pool and ample TV.

The sphere of my acquaintanceships

Will hand out tickets to game shows.

Women with permanents swizzling mai tai

A madcap clip of us grin on the local news

Calling a bingo count, never in imbalance.



  1. Ah! la " dolce vita",l' "otium" so attractive!But i think maybe it would be a pity to loose your rage, such a powerful mainspring.

  2. Ah, another existential view. I like the way you size things up, T. "My mirror is democratic" says it all.

  3. orfeenix,

    I must have my old "Rage Is Good" t-shirt somewhere in the dirty wash. Yeah. There has to be a motivating energy, and rage shares it.

    There's a alchemical mix that has to be just right.


  4. Willow,

    I feared upon completing this one that it read too much as a 'downer'. You know, I'm basically a cheery guy.

    I must tuck the pessimism into those spidery recesses known only to my close friends and people with the stomach to read my poems.

    There has to be a 'light existentialism' that isn't 'existentialism lite'?