Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fit As A Fiddle

Finding a Broadway, finding it ever, with its clang music

Its vamps, its sugar babies, its prevalent taxis and print news,

In such a.m., doing a danse macabre which (when you get down

To it) is every dance and shimmy, all your best moves and feels

Touring the dinner clubs and catching the jazz bands

Closing the after-hours so as to breakfast on the grapefruit

Splash the cream, swallow whatever juice that bit you

Leaving a big tip before a group visit to the foot masseuse

And watch the sky giving itself up, at last a thing like pure rain water.



  1. Oh, you caught my two favorite people that ever lived. Caught them well. And for me.

  2. Karin,

    Scott and Zelda. From college days (mine) on, a fascination. After my whirl around the Willow Ball, I was restless and had to do the town. S and Z were the result.

    They're far back enough to begin being 'haunting'.


  3. You write with delicious textures, T. My new favorite read.

    Hope your birthday was nice. xx

  4. Willow,

    Proud to have you say that. As to birthday, got a treat of danish -- better than dog biscuits!


  5. TF, I loved this as it so captured the Broadway of yore. I am not so certain how it is these days. It has been years since I have been back. I have often thought I should have been born in the Roaring 20's. I may have enjoyed it immensely. The cafe's would have been my preference. Sitting there sipping something lovely and magically discussing literature and world affairs. Today there is only Starbucks. I pick up my drink and go home.

  6. Cher,

    My personal knowledge of NYC is very limited, but it symbolizes a lot that is personal.

    The 20s make me want Paris. But, then, Paris makes me want the wealth to enjoy Paris.

    Cafe society, if there is one possible now, might approximate us on laptops -- perhaps right now -- 'conversing'.

    Not quite the same.