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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Low-Down Lab

Getting the arts

Down to a science

Buries both


  1. I can't agree more. There are some readers who try to nail down every word of my poetry and solve it like an equation. Drives me mad.

  2. Willow,

    Right. It's a literalism that we're trained to think is 'truth', which in a micro-second elides to 'reality'.

    If a writing can't fit a literalist template, it's the writer's fault -- unless she or he can explain in a literal paraphrase.

    We hear about mathematicians finding 'elegance' in certain theorems or equations. Those scientists likely share some of what we think of as 'poetic mindset'.

    The equations ain't poetry, but the feeling toward it may be like ours toward imaginative lit?


  3. A truly inspired thought. I like it because it validates my habit of non-editing. ;)

  4. Zouxzoux,

    I knew someone would get to that! The laziness which is almost as prevalent as literalism!

    The good stuff that I can manage has to come from some 'motives' of flash inspiration, but to work themselves up into a unity of any but the most picayune size is daunting.

    I've adopted a 'splish-splash' way of assembling things then trimming them if possible into something that 'mentally' (poetically?) fits.

    Put on your editing boots Zouxz! I can't be alone in this!