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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm No Nostradamus, Man

Time machine:  1966.

My (then) fiancée's mother, after four of us had greeted and said goodbye to him, said of a family friend's son, John Jr.'s idea to generate a business by [fill in this enthusiastic, commercial blank] is remarkable!  

He's such an enterprising young man!

That last was such a throwback phrase to the 1920s -- even the 1890s! -- that I cringed, repulsed, living in that about-to-be counter-culture moment of long hair, torn jeans, communes, peyote, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, junk store sofas, dogs named 'Funk' wearing bandanas, and women in granny dresses who didn't shave their legs.

I did not foresee -- yes, call me naive:

1) The reactionary tide of tax revolt, Ronald Reagan, and their beleaguering of sensible environmental, communication, electoral, and medical regulating or infrastructural funding; 

2) Politically poisonous religious fundamentalism either exhibiting from the public roads 'dead baby' photos or chanting 'anti-Satan' rhetoric at -- if not targeting commandeered airplanes toward -- the Land of the Free; 

3) Techno music, techno glass-and-metal furniture, techno people; 

4) Real estate inflation; or, likely not really last, 

5) Entrepreneurial 'blue sky' adventurism that would lead to mortgage bundling and faster-than-light movement of reckless investment paper.

I hesitate to think about what I don't foresee next.



  1. You may be no Nostradamus, but neither was he...

    But did I, in some fashion, foresee you posting a photo of the Time Machine? Just three days ago I was in a conversation with a woman at work and used that movie as an example for the probably meaningless point I was trying to make.

    Coincidence? Or could I be Nostradamus? :)


  2. Joe Williams brilliant thanks.Why not more like these guys.Most of today's music is shite.

  3. Rick,

    Just thinking about the young Yvette Mimieux makes me ponder going down to the lot and picking up a good deal on even a used time machine.

    (I can hear Alan Young's 'Scottish' accent)


  4. Ian,

    You're welcome for J.Williams.

    I keep excusing musical trends for not really 'getting worse', excusing them on the grounds that generational taste via youth rebellion mandates something less palatable to the older people.

    But you're right. It's shite.