Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Any Women Reading This?


Why America doesn't put Mike Leigh on its shoulders and carry him from city to city handing out official keys to important rooms puzzles me on a daily basis.

Yes, he's a Brit, not a Yank, but he's one of the finest film directors in the world.

Do I overstate here?  No.

This guy finds what's distinctive in our routines.  Why what's common isn't.

So, women.  If you haven't seen Happy-Go-Lucky, do it today.  

Well, rent it or queue it today.

Life getting to you?  Watch this film.



  1. This film looks like just the tonic I need! I will put it on my rental list. Honestly, TF, between the beautiful music you off here, the erudite poetry and the gorgeous photos, I have become completely addicted to visiting. How very lovely!

  2. Well, I most certainly will! Just what I need. Thank you, Trulyfool.

  3. Cher and Claudia,

    After you watch, thank Mike Leigh.

    There are scenes in here that . . . I'll let you discover this joy.


  4. One of my all time favorite movies is Life Is Sweet. I can do whole chunks of dialogue and a very good imitation of Nicola.