Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Economic Analysis, Or What

Defenders of the necessity for teaching things at a steep 'learning curve' likely faced their own when it was exploratory, leisurely, and loved.  Now they promote because they profit greatly or bask in their own self-achievement from having undergone the test and been found able.

Praising women for their ability to 'multi-task' serves similar purposes -- continuing to exploit female gullibility with an insincere pat on the head, and irritating male pride into 'proving' no woman can show up a man.

Divide and conquer.  More for less.



  1. Couldn't agree more. And millions of women are stupid enough to play along.

  2. Claudia,

    You know, it's not so much that 'the Enlightenment project' was wrong. It just failed to recognize the intransigence we have in greater supply than intelligence.

    People would sooner be gulled, lulled through their vanity, than face a real adjustment that might possibly make a difference in their life?