Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Cool And Bitchin Halloween

I remember Shindig.  

I remember (a living) Karloff.  I remember "The Monster Mash".  

I remember Pendleton shirts and Fairchild mocassins.  

I remember talk of 'cherry' cars and 'power sleds'.  

I remember the way back to NHHS so well -- How well do you remember? -- I remember it so well that last summer when I went to Los Angeles, walking down memory lane, I found the quad as open and square as always, but infinitely smaller; all the teachers not only gone but having no institutional record of their having ever taught there; three times the surrounding traffic; and the public phone ripped from the cafeteria's exterior, a ghost mechanism cold above the blacktop's chewing gum scars.

I remember enough about high school even though I don't want to, since one day when I'm least expecting it, a physician, testing me, may ask for details.



  1. Memory Is Like Our Pulse,It's Best To Keep Checking It.

  2. Tony,

    The greater my memory grows, the more I feel myself developing into one of those TV characters found alone on a re-discovered planetoid holding onto arcana from a dead race.

    Earn me an award?