Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, January 21, 2011

Witnessing The Dread Turn

How tenuous feeling the onset of 'bad' that's oncoming,

vulnerable in the terrible spot of never touchable before

can't deflect it, reguide its inevitability, disguise this thing.

Whereas the kiwi tastes like a grape that needs to be sweetened

nothing sweetens this, this lead slug in the mouth.


  1. wonderful description of dread...the last stanza...."nothing sweetens this"....nothing does...hope it is not a reflection of something present....bkm

  2. Be careful, since your last productions , you seem to become wiser and wiser,soon we won't call you Trulyfool!what you say applys to our perception of reality but also to poetry,the senses are troubled in a synesthesy and that' s wonderful: no more certainty and all is new , and everything is discovered again.Now i will feel a confusion eating a kiwi!

  3. Yes, not good when the light at the end of the tunnel is a train, and you're feeling the approaching vibrations in the track you're tied to...fine poem, and a fine clip from Bobby 'Blue' Bland, ( "I Pity the Fool" comes to mind also. ;-) )

  4. Barbara,

    You know, that's become a concern. How these things that I do get taken.

    No. I'm a cheery guy, no depression, no fear that can't be handled by music, meditation, or mud pie.


  5. Isabelle,

    My apologies to your relationship with kiwi.

    One of my poetry friends looked at what I considered 'complexity' once and she called it 'confusion'.

    The synaesthesia you mention is a good point. When poetic images pop at us and we use them because the 'feel right', we risk an overlap of ideas.

    But -- as you say -- what poetry is about. Mix anew and find out what combination has been born.

    (Still) Trulyfool

  6. Joy,

    Thank you not least for re-importing the 'Blue' into Bobby 'Blue' Bland's name!

    I've got a whole story for you sometime about an album of his, a (still tame) party in 'the hood' and a friend of mine who was making a 'business deal' back in the kitchen.

    (Maybe that's most of the story, but it suggested so much more, I couldn't help writing it down.)

  7. Glad you know you are a cheery guy...that is always a concern with writing....reflections in writing are not always reflections in real life...cheers...bkm

  8. TF, so much depth in so few words. The tunnel, I suppose, is a destiny which we must all face. How to deal with it? Exactly as you do, one would hope. I read this again and again, and each time I see myself standing there. What a magical poet you are to draw us in like this.

  9. Cher,

    I refuse to see you in any such position of unfortified dread. You and Rich are the 'positive terminals' of the society -- no dead battery when you're around!