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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Knowing The Reward All Along

John Cassavetes, director and actor, has a screen face whose eyes don't seem to smile even when he himself chooses to.

Yet his life reads a story of a artist dedicated to conveying the interconnectedness of human beings, heart to heart.

Connecting is impure, precipitous, and rare.  And the only real quest.



  1. Yes, Connecting is the purpose of Art.A Fine Man.

  2. Those sad, sexy Cassavetes eyes. I could easily connect. He's so sexy in Rosemary's Baby, but I think I like him best in The Dirty Dozen.

  3. I don't know Amy Gerstler's real personality, but i far as you're concerned, i would eliminate jaded and envious in order to keep sharp eyed,that's why you speak about artists" heart to heart" and not heart against heart.

  4. Tony,

    Yes. And I think we can credit him for 'stylistic' experimentation that risked and enhanced his art!

    And credit him with a good marriage.


  5. Tess,

    I almost used an image from Dirty Dozen. He's more contemporary than WWII images, though.

    As for Rosemary's Baby, it's a masterwork, in no small part due to his shifty, ever-lying (and therefore, sexy[?], Tess?) sell-her-out-for-the-career husband!


  6. Isabelle,

    You're right that I care about 'heart to heart', and Cassavetes worked that message in his films. Thanks for letting me off the dual-hook of 'jadedness' and 'envy' -- you're a generous person!