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Friday, January 7, 2011

Ten Things I Don't Like



1)  People walking and conversing on cell phones as if the person were actually 'there'

2)  Living off the same adolescent 'oldie' music for 20 . . . or 30 . . . or 40 . . . years

3)  Being monitored on the job in order to 'document' the 'quality' of my work

4)  Power tools on quiet mornings

5)  How -- almost anywhere, certainly in politics -- cheap words drive out the worthy ones

6)  Film titles with any of the following words: 'chocolate', 'deadly', 'hell', 'kill', or 'wedding'

7)  The violence inborn in humans that is exercised for just about any excuse

8)  Customer service being redefined as irrelevant, pre-recorded phone options -- or -- pages of FAQ

9)  Full-body tattoos executed by a needle-man who thinks cartoons are 'high art'

10)  Having to pretend I'm having fun

* Great country, very good cast,  bad idea

** One good player, vastly overrated director, worse idea


1 comment:

  1. Ha! Number 5 is so true - and so many politicians don't even utter one worthy word! And number 8, well, don't even get me started.

    I LOVED Chocolat - the movie and the book (which I thought was beautifully written in an almost poetic grace ) - but then my husband hated both, so maybe it is one of those things enjoyed more by women?

    I agree with Kill Bill - only because I could NEVER get past the cover and the title...