Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Thursday, January 20, 2011

To Think Of This Is To Be Part Of This

Sleep trembles in its throat-sound off a bear-cave wall, women

wandering in cloak-long dream coats back at the white glaze of past time

Night blackens except for the fixated speckle of TV and the township's occasional street lamp

The odd father garage opens for a last table saw

All's tinkering last minute, as in the sound of a hairbrush fluffing out a parrot's hot feathers, water being shot off into the rank fishmouth of the bay

Inside the best head of us, Mozart quietens, the intimacy works at the knees of the cellist, at the breath lips of the flute, and fingers bring order to the violin, light wondering at itself



  1. This one certainly came from the best head of you. By the way, I want one of those cloak-long dream coats.

  2. I love this cloak-long dream and the sound of Mozart...as light wonders at itself....
    You give life to the dream in this piece..and cause beg for more sleep....bkm

  3. Surreal and all too real elements, and an extremely effective mix of image and thought. Almost a Shakespearean lilt to some of it--Night blackens...I personally like the lines about the father garage and its saw, the hairbrush and the mundane contrasting with the passion of the musicians...beautiful.

  4. "The best head of us..."
    I might place you in that group. :-)

  5. Tess,

    When it shows up, it's the one with the volition.

    Give a size to shop for.


  6. Barbara,

    I can't seem to get enough Mozart these days. Despite my love for jazz and blues, there's something in me that needs 'serious' now.

    I'm not sure that's a good sign.


  7. Joy,

    Thank you. If I said it was my 'usual mix', I'd be undercutting the semi-consciousness of the process. It takes me. I don't (unfortunately?) take it.


  8. Berowne,

    After that compliment, I couldn't but shoot over to your blog. It is you, sir, who deserves high rank!


  9. Since it is a dream coat, I'll take a size 6.