Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cinquains Théologiques

Who Dat

gives me guidance

from a book of strong songs

histories, rules, and human goofs,

deep sin

Deep sin

in my pocket

jangles and annoys me

weighs down moves, co-opting space for

no lord

No lord

rules over me

but one whose name is nil

by his own device he's no one

who dat



  1. I like the mix of apparent flippancy and profundity, and the circular progression to a satisfying conclusion that there are no satisfying conclusions...or perhaps no explainable ones. I never did agree with Dylan on that line about how "you got to serve somebody."

  2. The " concetti" are the best way to mean a strong idea as" you' re your own lord" using short sentence,so the sadness is drown in the beauty.

  3. Joy,

    Thank you for carefully reading! My flippancy can be profound, and my profundity clownish. But we're among friends. (Just don't let others know).

    I faltered in analyzing this for myself, but I came to the word 'sequence', which I guess this is a small example of.

    Occasionally I find myself in line with Bob Dylan 'ideas', but more often with Dylan Thomas.

    B.D. is like favorite food. Everyone really, really likes the stuff, but when I portion some on my plate, I find I can't quite finish.


  4. Isabelle,

    Yes. Encapsulating an idea in short space does what the ancient, oral poets did -- memorize phrases that condense some reflexive emotional power. (So long as we allow our tongues to savor them).

    And the -- let me credit the French! -- symbolist infusion of idea into succulent image -- so many times I've tried and fallen short!!