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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Talk About Passing Time!

Let's get morbid for just a minute:

Best death.  Don't know it's coming, don't realize it's hap . . .

Second best death.  Just as, or immediately after, you finish howling with laughter.

Suicide's bad -- you do know it's coming, you likely aren't laughing -- plus it's got the drawback of your being able to prevent it -- there's a decision for you!

Worst death.  This may be a tie.

One would be death by exotic and drawn-out torture executed by a devotee with skill and patience.

The other would extend over many months, perhaps years, with long and certain debilitation, pain, and general isolation from human sympathy.

Actually, the fallacy about all this has been pointed out by those keener than I.  

What we've been talking about isn't 'death', but 'dying'.

What we've been talking about is a segment of 'life'!

So, let's drop that and go on to that more appealing subject:

Immediate life, something gratifying.

I'm thinking of tonight's gyoza and rice, a brisk walk before the predicted snow, and reading from several good books at the bedside.  Good night's sleep.  Another vacation day.  Casually involving myself in tai chi, streaming old episodes of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, and feeding the cats.

No grimster, I, my friends.  Lighten up!  I've provided a comic ending.



  1. I,too, choose the gyoza and rice,a brisk walk before snow and reading from several good books at the bedside...and good night's sleep and another vacation day..I love how you say "casually" involving myself in tai chi..that too, I choose...And streaming old Carl Sagan episodes and feeding the cats....
    a gentle knowing way to live...yes I would choose that
    Moments ...life is indeed moments
    sometimes funny ones..sometimes final ones

    Nice post Truly

  2. between Eros and Thanatos, guess wich i prefer! Thinking about death is the best way to succeed in his life!

  3. TF, you've forgotten one thing: Cleaning the litter box.


  4. Tess,

    Me, too. If I could purchase an option on it now, I'd do so!


  5. Suz,

    I actually went about all that! In addition, I went to a local, well-equipped hardware store, easily bought some acryllic panels to substitute for old ones I broke. Cheap, easy, and it still hasn't snowed!

    (P.S. And the coffee's good and hot!)

  6. Isabelle,

    When I think about Thanatos, I reach for the Eros!

    (And I do know your choice -- the right one.)


  7. Rick,

    I did forget to mention that, but I didn't forget to do it.

    Life was so good today . . .(how good was it?). . . Life was so good, I managed to clean both cat boxes!


  8. Bestest Wishes For 2011.
    A New Year.+ A New Cat Box!

  9. Tony,

    Thanks! (I debated a new cat bed this very day -- but put off the purchase. Too much an 'impulse item'!