Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hey, Wittgenstein -- Follow This Discourse, Big Shot!

Sharp as a tack, yes.  Sharp as a needle, works.  Sharp as a bell?  Clear as a bell. Clear as the nose on my face.  Plain. Plain as the nose on my face.  Plain Jane.  Plain ugly.  Plug ugly?  Pug ugly?  Whupped with an ugly stick.  Stick in the mud.  Stick up his a**.  Got a match?  Yeah:  my a** and your face.  Face to face.  About face.  About a boy.  It's about time.  Short-timer. Time waster.  Time server.  Bad time.  Straight time.  Doing time.  Time on my hands.  Dishpan hands.  Get your hands outta your pockets.  Is that a pencil in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?  It's all about me.  Me for you, you for me.  And baby makes three.  Tea for two.  Tea service. Roll some tea.  Cigar of tea.  Mexico Cit-tea blues.  Blues for Charlie.  Kinda Blue. Kinda between jobs.  Job search.  Search parameters.  Parameter this! This and that.  That's right.  Taking the right tack.



  1. The Meds, TF, the Meds! I'm diggin' Sammy and Carmen! You know Sammy's number one in my book!

    I did my own little rant on Christmas music tonight... Have a great holiday!


  2. Rick,

    Tapped into your blog at this recommendation -- marvelous! I added my two cents, very much in harmony!


  3. This vas an atom bomb from tack to tack! Viggenstein vould approve.

  4. Tess,

    Ja wohl, meine Schnapsie, ja wohl!

    (Herr) TFool