Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pacific Gale

At exactly midnight, Friday/Saturday, all power to these 'Eastern foothills' of the Cascade Mountains hugging close to the low land that is Puget Sound's Seattle Metro Area -- all their power got snuffed more surely than a Charles Manson cult victim.  

This is being written about 18 hours later, most of the intervening time between then and now being dark, cold, and anxious.  Oh, it was chilly during the night, even with gloves and watchcap and hood.  And long-johns and sweats and socks and a quilt over 4 blankets. And it was an nervous waking every so often to relieve my gelid bladder and check whether the lights had come back on.  

They hadn't.

I went to bed sour as whiskey sipped from grandma's slipper.

And I'm still hung over from the experience.



  1. Oh, gosh, that's awful. Hope woolification was in working order. Glad you're back in the world of warmth.

    I hate when our power's out, since that means the well pump doesn't work and there's no water, either. :P

  2. ...maybe Krall's "Popsicle Toes" would be a good opener, in keeping with the situation?

  3. Tess,

    You're kind! I know you love wool. I tend to be a breathable cotton kind of guy. Layers of it. My mummy won't be of linen, it will be of c****n. (Work out that hieroglyphic mystery!)

    (P.S. The natural gas held, and the water tank kept hot.)

  4. Tess,

    Krall, a Victoria Islander, knows these weather systems, I'm sure!

    (And she's welcome to open in my club at her request.)


  5. Oh Trulyfool, do hate when that happens...further south then you but the storms have been coming one right after another....it is winter...and the lakes are full, the rivers running ....and a fine glass of wine sounds good...stay warm...bkm

  6. bkm,

    Lived in CA for many years, south and north. When the weather hits there, it hits with a wallop. I sympathize with what I've heard is coming your way!