Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, December 10, 2010

Klee Clay

Wandering the lateral floor plan of the house's gloaming.

One room's watercolor of a Tunisian town in the strictest sunlight streeted around the warm pools of oasis

thickens by proxy the drink in my hand of unfiltered, pulpy a. juice.

One's anxious about fall floods and winter's approximating, about the absence of stars and the plenitude in roof gutters and curb grates.

One's anxious, too, with art, with the largeness of wanting geometry to breathe and offer deep kisses, to parturiate, bring hither a living wail, remove the curse of the night hills, the potential white hills.



  1. Love Klee. Love this. The last line is so redolent and sensual. I had to read it aloud.

  2. Love the last line! I just might post that up in my home office!

  3. Tess,

    Klee grows on me with time, and I already began liking him. Now, more. All these things, at least the ones I label 'poems', I read aloud and with ill-disguised subvocalization over and over before I post them.

    I've gone, these past few months, toward longer, ostensibly 'prosier' free-verse lineation. That makes me feel obligated to get a 'full breath' rhythm into it, not let it sag.

    Once I figure out how to 'divshare' (or whatever) my own voice, I'll probably do something in the vein of your oral posts, which I 'dig'.


  4. Rick,

    Feel free! You can credit it to my nom-de-blog, and wonder, over a satisfying cup of java, who is this guy?

    The very last part, the successional rhyme of 'hills' plotzed into a casual email I wrote to a friend, entirely different context. And I knew then that I would have to use it. It vibrated to me.


  5. Luz,

    . . . o 'Muchaluz' -- gracias. Sus palabras entran al espiritu.

    (I hope my Spanish is okay.)


  6. Sensual, beautiful, great ending! Keep on writing!

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  8. scentofmyheart,

    Thank you! A few comments have been made about the last part -- it's one of those serendipitous 'developments' that you have to grease your body up to, wanting to decrease friction like wrestlers or swimmers, that just proceed because 'the time's ready'. I had no intention of going that way or in those words.

    You know that mystery.


  9. scentofmyheart 2,

    The jingle site I've been to, and have been invited to, also, before. And when I go there -- call me a jerk! -- it seems a place of a dozen or so poets who take turns judging stuff? And people who are part of it have cartoon 'avatars'?

    Despite your instructions here, I'm a bit puzzled as to who sees what, who does what? As an invitee, am I part of 'the committee'? Or of 'the judged'?



  10. the beauty of this piece, its wanting of geometery to breathe, to bring life, love to a space that waits on a winter to pass...without notice..of anything but art....thank you...bkm

  11. bkm,

    Feel free to apply your writer's eye at any time to these!