Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Enjoying Good Entertainment, Just Like The Next Fellow

The women in question didn't know who Tina Turner is.

Next time we meet up, Ike and I will have a good laugh over that one!  But they did know Kurt Cobain.

Cobain, Coshmain.  At his death, I remember one woman I knew kept expressing her shock -- she was turning 40, mind you -- her shock that such a monumental figure would die in such a tragic way.  Equivalent to John Lennon she managed to say through her grief.

First. Lennon would probably deflate the idolization of his own cold body.

Second. Lennon's music was better and more influential.

Third. Lennon came to appeal to the public's better nature.

Fourth.  Cobain's partner was Courtney Love.  'Nuff said.

Fifth.  Lennon got shot by a crackpot.  Cobain was one of a line of celebrity O.D. artists, and not really measuring up to them.  Say, Jim Morrison.  Or Janis (it's okay -- we were on a first name basis after our third child).

Sixth.  This is just pop music, folks.  Just pop music!



  1. Strange, i thought you were addicted to Nirvana!

  2. Isabelle,

    Only some forms of it -- nothing smoked, nothing in 'grunge'.


  3. interesting post.
    hope you well.

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  5. Jingle,

    Always wanting to grab interest, I figured Tina might fit the bill.


  6. Jingle,

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