Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Win

Coming into a room, just risen, cold in the air, 

touching the brass knob to let yourself in and 

it seems a matter of witness protection where you're not you but waiting for the familiar past face 

to see through the wax persona fashioned around the cheekbones.

And in entering, no rough-ready trophies on the wall, stuffed safari heads from shot big beasts, 

victory cups etched with the masculinity of an ex-drunk knowing full well 

the medical logic of rye 'distilled in 1958' -- 

not that, but the impress of big light, white measuring spoons, eggs, and the nourishing smell of kitchen and of acceptance.



  1. Man that's Fine! I felt My Feet Walk Me Into That Room Too With You!

  2. Nice amble into the room of your
    intellect, neighbor (I live in Sumner,
    just down the road). The piece has
    a muscular feel, kind of Raymond
    Chandler, as well as a spicing of
    Hemingway macho, as well as
    Sartre moxie. Really enjoyed it.
    Liked the line /but the impress
    of big light/ kicking us into an
    ethereal realm too.

  3. Tony,

    I keep looking for that room. Sometimes I'm in, but can't stay too long before something calls me away!


  4. Glenn,

    Sure, Sumner!

    If I take an approach 'too Hemingway' or, for that matter, too 'Martha Stewart', it rings inauthentic as I write, and it goes into quick recycle.

    Raymond Chandler's noir has a firm place in me, and Sartre -- by way of Alain Resnais's 'Marienbad' -- that 'undefined until you define it', that precipice we walk in a world notable for pushing you over for no reason -- he hovers.

    Also a sense of John Ashbery's 'abstract' hold on the commonplace.

    I feel good my friend! Thanks!


  5. This last line is brilliant. I love the depth and texture of your writing, Truly.

    Enjoyed the Dietrich slideshow. Seems I've seen a lot of her legendary face on TCM lately.

  6. Willow,

    We may be exchanging 'mutual admiration society' notes -- I just left praise on your blog for the latest poem of yours!

    Last lines. I've had a mannerism in the past of 'going ironic' which too often sounds either bleak or cynical. My outlook aims for neither of those attitudes. So I'm trying to leaven facticity with -- how shall I put this without sounding the dodo? -- 'human spirit'.

    There. I said it.

    (P.S. Thanks re: Dietrich. She's been one of my faves for many Tuesdays.)

  7. a tale packed with wit and message.
    well done.

  8. Jingle,

    Thanks! In a 'flat' way I was trying to get something of the twists and curiosities John Ashbery has done so very, very well.

    (Wit and message! Some people have occasionally credited me with the former, but rarely see in me someone with an idea. I like you in the audience!)