Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Prof To Prof

Just out, individually out, of a great downpour

Before our work starts, and we, individually, wet,

We face each other in the hall, you shaking the rain

Off your books, me having just rubbed a bit of it

From my short hair, on the way to the loo,

We realize the space we share for this passing step

And stop to wonder why it is we never meet and talk.

You are psychologist -- mycologist!; me, a player with words.

Busy, we make no appointment, tip off to our various ways

Having been socially friends now for two minutes more.



  1. Delicious slice of life. So redolent with books and rain.

  2. Willow/Tess,

    Rain is always delicious. And. Wanted that slice of life, too, as plain as I could hold onto it and still have some 'juice' in the poem.

    Want rain? We've got it!


  3. We had a long, delicious rain here last night. The morning has that "just from the bath" feel this morning.

    And, yes, please feel free to call me Tess. Three years ago, I chose "willow" for my avatar, but now that I'm writing poetry, I wanted my name attached.

  4. Tess,

    Okay. Being a strangeman, I'll likely alternate or combine? That's what our p'try is all about, right?