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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hiking Up And Out

The Idealist: Of course we can

The Pessimist: Why bother

The Cynic: I told you so


  1. Well, I'll be damned. Didn't I just post an essay and say I'm a cynic... Well, I told you so...

    Oh, TFool, I'd love to be able to dance like that in Hellzapoppin', but at my age, why bother!!


    My word verification: "alphize". What's it all about, Alphize?

  2. i'm idealist but i prefer " we did it" to " we can"

  3. Rick,

    I remember watching this movie when it was replayed in the 50s on TV. I didn't then know just how good the dancers were. The scene shows first rate artistry, but also an embarrassing paternalism and racial separation. Despite the fact that this kind of public 'integration' was probably advanced for the time!

    Dancing? If I were to star in a sequel, it would be titled "Joints-a-poppin"

    'Alphize'. Hmmm. To provide a setting for a stately pleasure dome?

  4. orfeenix,

    You 'one-upped' me! Bravo! Great spirit.


  5. sometimes we should
    sometimes we shouldn't and
    sometimes we're wrong

    loved the video

  6. Suz,

    Re: should, we shouldn't; and I've heard that there's authority to the contrary. I do know we be bad, and wrongly deny it until we're pinned down by the weight of it.

    But I'm cheery, since I, too, loved the video!

    Thanks for dropping by again!