Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lad Leaving Past

I am 22 then

Roz, my second cousin, a social worker boss

Old school leftist

Her husband at home has gone deranged

And calls me 'hippie'

She matronizes him

Treats him as the child he's now

There's nothing I can say that changes anything



  1. What a great photo. A good take on the passage of time - we thought we were all so hip (and we were); now those images seem both nostalgic and alien.

  2. Chris,

    Yeah. You'll remember the album cover, the album, the time, the right tone they set for a moment.

    Nostalgic, alien, and -- well, what was thought 'revolutionary' turned out to be weak tea, only irritating to wake up big, reactionary giants.

    (Sorry it turned out that way).


  3. So many hippies either became 'suits' or still languish in that time frame... waiting. Either way, much is lost.

  4. Cher,

    I think I noticed a C,S,and N reference very recently on your blog, which probably catalyzed this.

    'Hippiedom' carried a fey doom around itself from the start. The Joni Mitchell "Woodstock", when I listen to it now, isn't at all joyous, but wistfully hopeful -- and by implication naive. (Have I said that already?)

    I'm not sure whether it's me or 'The Gen', but by contrast to earlier American history, our time is one of pessimism.