Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Two clean women ding-dong at my door

Wanting to know if I know of the Bible book

And I say: many books

Do I know of the thread which joins the books

And I say: many threads

They get around to sin, its need to be 

In order to vindicate God's name

(In the wind of Satan's bluster)

To prove He still has powers --

Since Eve consumed with a flushed face

And Adam ate his way --

Prove we can be good for God

Overcome our basic sin, the Satan's sin.

Ah, sin, yes.   Overcome.  Yes, yes.

Many threads and many books.



  1. It's been a long time since two clean ding-dongers came to my door. So many threads, so many books. Excellent piece.

  2. This made me smile because so many of us can relate. Ah, those threads which seem to be missing from their end of the conversation, left out as though illicit reading material. What would make for a better "visit" might be to hear their actual stories. How did they arrive at these conclusions which they prop on our doorsteps? Perhaps their paths turned out well for them. I hope so. My doorbell does not work.

  3. Willow,

    They do come, at various times, usually on 'free' (or Sabbath?) Saturdays, sometimes in the quiet of the garden mornings during the week when only serpents lurk around the hood.


  4. Cher,

    There's little in the way of self-examination behind the enthusiasm of these dear folks. Just tail-end theology. Rote ideology. I converse as far as they want to go, but they never go into regions where true discussion might occur.

    I make them feel good because I listen.

    Listening is what very few do. It's only human.


  5. thanks for your nice comment re my mother's passing. It made me feel better. God bless