Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, November 12, 2010

Graven Image

Around her neck an amulet

the dancing god, the snowmaker,

the One who throws puzzles at the busload of us

What she has to say in behalf of his mute shouts

that cause roads to open, water to flow.



  1. Jingle,

    Thanks. Sometimes they go on, and sometimes they don't.


  2. Tumblewords,

    I appreciate your appreciation!

    Whenever I can 'go mythic' and somehow 'bring it here', I feel like I'm doing what I should be. (Doesn't always work!)


  3. I'm always amazed at your beautiful word paintings. I had to read this one three times over, just to savor it.

  4. Willow/Tess,

    You gave me the impetus with your 'magpie' image (you've noticed I 'spin' the image when I respond).

    It may be that, visually, I can't convey images -- no sketcher, painter, or photog, I -- so I've tried to develop a way to do it with words.

    The 'read-over' proves that you are a careful and patient reader, a plus for me! I can often enough (as you may have noticed) go 'cryptic' on an audience -- that loses more than a few who don't want to dig, to work out how the words may make sense even if on the surface they're baffling.

    Good to have someone like you reading!