Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Monday, September 27, 2010

Understate, My Dear Boy, Always Understate

To say People are imperfect

Only smells the soup without tasting it.

To taste the soup

Exacerbates one's own imperfections.


  1. Ah, what impeccable perceptions you have, Mr. Fool! Wonderful image, too. All this talk of soup is making me incredibly hungry.

  2. Willow,

    Perhaps the Count will attend Willow Ball? It would seem unimaginable he would not wish to be seen.

    After all, he does travel in the best circles.

    (The image of Giovanni Boldini's oil. Oddly, Montesquiou was painted by 'all comers' except Sargent about whom M wrote.)



  3. You know, I had to look closely to see that it wasn't a Sargent. Speaking of Madame X, "Strapless" by Deborah Davis is an interesting read.

  4. TF,
    For me the most interesting facets of people are what others perceive as their "imperfections." I love quirkiness in people, those things which set them apart. To be cut from different forms only makes the soup more flavorful, no?

  5. Willow: I almost dubbed the image Sargent's, but checked first. (Yeah, there's always a 'Madame X', strapless or buttoned. Body language a perennially interesting read.) Am slightly familiar with the Davis book, a 'cross-pollination' novel/history/film-to-be hopeful?

    Cher: 'Quirky' suits me to a 'T'! Some people have called me 'Weasel', some others 'Terrier', but for many, I'm an odd quantity when finally gotten into serious conversation (like the blog stuff).

    I mean, I'm serious! But others can't believe it! Somewhere in the blog I did label myself 'Cassandro', a male version of the clear-eyed whose message no one takes seriously (Cassandra's message might have changed Trojan destiny).

    Yeah, I've got a sense of humor and really liven things up. But I'm serious! Others can't believe it!

    (Here's to 'reasonable soup'!)


  6. Yes, TF, here is to "reasonable soup" balanced with a witty bite!