Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Tuesday, September 28, 2010



The government's metal box, ordinanced

A house away from the woman's garage, and the woman

Herself underneath an overhang, standing at ease

In the task of her junk, to disencumber her life,

Her stare my way, the way toward a strange neighbor

In the drizzle with his mail scurried to the post,

His car door just ajar for quick re-entry,

The radio just being heard on a movement -- 

Andante cantabile --

At peace with this light rain no one thought

Would come this day like any day



  1. This is a beautiful slice of everyday life. I, too, find deliciousness in the mundane. Light rain and classical music? Heaven.

    (Surprise us with the announcements of your date(s) to the Manor Ball on Thursday! If you write a blog post, there will be a Mr. Linky widget available.)

  2. Willow,

    This does serve as motivation, indeed! Any particular time frame for such post by me?

    (And, uh, what's a 'Mr Linky widget'?)

    Proud and Bewildered,


  3. Yes, Thursday, September 30.

    A Mr. Linky widget is a fun little gizmo that links your blog to mine, so others can easily click your link to visit your blog.

    Take a look at my other blog for a sample...

  4. Willow,

    Mr. Linky sounds fun indeed -- but he's a hard rascal to locate


  5. I'll be posting a Mr. Linky on my blog Thursday for the ball participants, that is, if they want visitors to their blogs. Still bewildered?

  6. Willow,

    Yes. But I'll go there Thurs.