Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Fever Hilton

By the bedside I hover and wait

Outside in the taxi is going

To airports carry short codes in

Three letters make up an alphabet

Explains to her before sun rises

A call from desk staff is hiring 

A pleasant voice a plus two

Foreign tongues and schools teach

Grace for well-groomed as I'm not

To be forewarned, too late night for her 

To get enough sleep tight I'll see you in the 

Kisses on each eyelid not wanting me to leave

Me alone so I go before I come in



  1. Delightful romp, this one. I adore the great textures unexpectedly segueing the phrases. Nice.

  2. This is a beautiful vignette, a variance in form that works divinely.

  3. Thank you, all!

    Beginning to get nervous at the output rate. After the summer road trip, my necessitated absence from daily writing 'got my routine off' and clogged much down into the subconscious.

    Once it began to surface, I started running off at the mouth. When I do that, I don't trust myself. I get reckless and sloppy.

    Glad this 'trial innovation' didn't explode in my face like a gag cigar.

    All your comments were kind -- and welcome!