Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Soy Animal

Lest we think I'm talking tofu -- not.  The title of this post is meant in Spanish (soy animal), and I'm giving it time here because my right thigh has a muscle group which has been weakened, my scrotum, half-an-hour ago, gave me that 'wending out from the prostate' do-I-need-to-take-an-aspirin proto-pain, I'm starting to figure lunch, didn't get enough sleep, and would rather not think about (and physically react to) my job routine starting up again next week.

Where is that place of goat's milk, rice, hourly prayer, and -- it seems out of time when it happens -- satori? 


  1. Interesting.
    Wending out is Dude'ish.
    Good post,Bravo.
    I,ve been in love with Helen Mirren for thirty years.

  2. Looking at celeb photos (now so flick-of-the-wrist) made me fearful of becoming a voyeur. Now I know better. It's an intermediate step toward stalking! Do you know a good 12-Step Program?