Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Never Was Within 2000 Miles Of Frank O'Hara

Oh, I have friends.  But so much of the daily's

At arm's length.  A table across.  A room away.

Stairway-passing-by.  I live more with TV.

What's wrong with Peggy, and Don, and Pete,

Or Inspector Morse, or the rotating casts

Of Law And Order Prime, I ask, since you

May be looking down on me with a flat smirk

But my laugh's last, being above you all

On the putative wrong side of this seance.



  1. Aren't you the interesting chap. I could get lost in here for awhile.

  2. Claudia: I'm not sure who's working the Ouija.

    Altadena: I'm never so interesting as what I find, and I never get so lost as Chet Baker.