Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spearesques 15


That man, well-advertised, does well

And even with great foes, out-does them martially --

Outbalances when they lunge, with dodge

Outwits their expectations.  True lead

By voice and size, in boldness, skill, through craft

And shrewdness a Ulysses, Achilles with his sword.

Such find not many nor do I, nor am I found

A specimen that exhibits such.  As I,

Buried softly well-within the cousins, am

Audience, witness; spectate and observe

The world get shaped by others' whim and work.



  1. Lest you have any doubt, your work also shapes the world with its artistry, insight and beauty. It is understatedly strong.

  2. What I should have is your comments on a tape-loop, playing in my car or any random workplace.

    You praise me beyond what others have.

    The Spearesques popped up for a few current reasons, this one giving me more 'advanced' problems. I know several people who know Shakespeare quite well, and I fear they would simply trash my efforts to 'imitate' that Renaissance style.

    Thank you for your appreciation!