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Friday, January 8, 2010

Silent Puss Myth

And when the Prince opened his eyes and went where the coffee was made, lo! The White Swan in his dream had been right!

Before him lay two bilious puddles of hairball.

The Prince, addressing Black Cat and Orange Cat, looking one to another, said, What has gone on here? Which one of you is to blame for this?

But The White Swan proved right a second time. Both cats, the black and the orange, could no longer speak! Moving their jaws and curling their tongues, the only sounds that came were a yawn from one and a squeak from the other.

Cursed dream come true! This is how cats came to meow and rrrhhrrrhh and chhchhchh and can no longer tell us which kibble they prefer.

And it is also one more example of how dreams cause reality to change.


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