Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Going My Way?

Depending on which one of us passes-on first, it's a race between Shirley MacLaine and me to see who channels who first. (I could use some of her versatility and pluck.)


  1. You have plenty of your own versatility and pluck. And please...don't even think of going anywhere. Whom would I visit for intellectual challenges, for subtle satire and the romance of music, muses and literature? Quite selfish of me, is it not?

  2. It's the kind of 'selfishness' that's been motivating me throughout, the kind of 'wide interest' that I modeled after -- yes, comedians -- Mort Sahl and Woody Allen.

    Both have denied being 'intellectuals', who are often the target of their humor. And I've heard professors rule out their work as 'satire'.

    George Carlin. Stephen Wright. Dick Cavett. David Steinberg. These are performers who also exercised their 'smarts' and exercised influence over me.

    But I also went to the university, and no one learns there without learning how to 'tone down'.

    As to pluck, you ought to see me in a room full of big guys! I talk loud, then I leave.