Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Thursday, January 14, 2010



Almost washed the cars last year.

When flossing nightly, worry most about getting snagged on the rear bottom.

Drive surface streets rather than freeways.  Unless there's snow or heavy ice.

Car sound: morning, play lectures;  nighttime, play music.

Inevitably choose dark shirt with light pants.  Never light shirt with dark pants.

Don't look up, don't look back.

If looking up, have lips poised in a proto-smile.

Assume all workers don't want to do what they're doing.

Treat them with deference, accordingly.

Rotate coffee cups in the collection.

The dishwasher.  Large glasses at the sides, cups toward the back, small glasses up front.

Small bowls with the large glasses, long utensils cupped by the small bowls on the top tray.

Small utensils spread evenly among small vertical sections, no big greasy roasting pans, ever.

When sweeping, drag and contain, drag and contain.  Never fling.

When getting oil change, bring a book, a small one that doesn't look too elite.

Don't sit in a restaurant with the sun in your eyes.  Avoid 'house' sauces.

Avoid 'street clothes' at home.  As much as possible, treat cats as humans.

Assume dogs can be very friendly, but watch your hands and face.

Have semi-monthly lists of bills to be paid.  Do those lists in pencil.

Don't kill 'generic' insects, worms.  Be merciless with fleas, mosquitoes.

Talk to spiders.  Notice bark pattern of trees that catch your attention.

Pay attention to spinal curves, the neck, the small of the back.

And the scapula.  Keep shoulders back.  Shave at the same time each day.


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