Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, January 15, 2010



Killing time waiting to administer an exam in four minutes.

Against the window which reflects the interior of the room, one looks to the exterior where it rains and rains heavily.

Some hooded people singly march toward a lit building.  A clock tower shows 2 minutes to go.  Flat, concrete demi-walls, continuing to be slickened, shine-back the campus walkway lamps.


'Structural recognition'.  A pattern of electric lighting/reflection/window/transparency/snugness/rain.  This pattern's an early one, and strong.  An emotion from 'then' whenever 'then' was.  Visceral.

Time not really 'here' anymore.

Not dej√† vu, something different.  One is losing the immediate moment, not 're-living' one.  An overlay of one moment by another, suspending the experience, replenishing its power, keeping its feeling as a template to let motivate, later, art.


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