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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Wisdom Of Solomon

The more I know,

The more I know

How lucky I am

That I know

How lucky I am.



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  2. Thanks for the comment. It is unusual for people to think my writings are intelligent, more so when they know what my age is. Also, this is a good support for me as, English is not my native language, so the diificulty of writing it is apparent. Still, words-wise, yours are of much higher level from me, and to tell the truth, to consume what you wrote will require me to study further into things very foreign for me. Quite educational. So, from a novice blogger to a pro blogger, thank you.

  3. I.C. -- Thank you for considering my words as 'educational'. If what I write helps you expand what you wish to understand and know about the English language and what can be written in it, my blog is serving a positive purpose indeed.

  4. To know oneself is knowledge,all else is information

  5. Simon -- purely accidental, but 'Know Thyself' came to be a blog entry before I saw this comment of yours.