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Monday, December 14, 2009

Il Populo


Is The General Will anything to be trusted?

1) Positive. Stand up and be counted. Frank Capra movies.

2) Neutral. My kids all love Disney.

3) Poisonous. Demagogy, nativism, Talk Radio, Rush, Palin, et alia.

The first two are sentimental.

The third, if it took as much hold as the money that finances its propagation, would mean the end of America.

Actually, the third -- if I may borrow from its own past lexicon of phrases -- is the anti-Americanism it itself has been denouncing decade by decade.

This is not stupidity we're speaking of. This is engineered stupidity -- finding the 'soft spot' of insecurity, working up its anger and fear, and aiming it at political opponents not in order to prove your point, but to destroy the opponents through force.



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