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Friday, December 25, 2009

Public Money Made Me Think This

Sometimes I dream in 'keyboard'.

Which key is the 'key'?

Is the 'board' a visual symbol aurally punning on the homophonic term 'bored'?

Would it be too raw to suggest 'masturbatory massage' -- in a 'message'? In the finger motions?

And why am I avoiding what it is I am 'keyboarding'? Is the avoidance significant?

Why limit dream investigation to Freudian categories and methodology?

Is there something inherent in language -- or particular structures of Western languages -- that dictate how we think about this?

Should investigation of mental phenomena be restricted only to material explanation -- brain, neural system, physio-chemical interaction -- or is there a way of approaching 'mind' that can either 'parallel' or 'incorporate' (figuratively) the material and explain alternately?


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