Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Will The Real 'Me' Please Stand Up

A statement for you:

'You don't know who I really am'

Which goes to you to use

Whether or not you yourself know who you are

It may be a question in the form of a dare.



  1. I read an article by a psychologist whose premise was that we change mentally, emotionally and physically every seven years. The 'who I am' today may not resemble the 'who I was yesterday.' Life is a journey of self-discovery and a continual evolution if, indeed, we are open to such discovery. And then there is the quandary of how much we choose to display the self to the world beyond our own psyche. Instincts and boundaries often prevail.

  2. It seems that change can be every seven minutes. Identity wants to be so firm. It thinks it is, in that there's a 'balance point' where we find the 'authentic I'.

    Everything away from there feels like distraction. We get annoyed being pulled from that place. Yet the 'pull' happens so often that its relative unsettledness may be more authentic than the place of balance?

    And, as you also endorse, we hold back -- out of vulnerability or manipulation, caginess, agenda, doubt.