Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Moral Casebook, Case # 1

3 T shirts, each my size, for 30 bucks plus SH and tax.

Same provider, outsourced to another place.

This place sees my size at the small end of the range.

They fit, but they just fit.

Problem: Do I return them with a 'reason' to the provider?

Answer 1, The Rational Economist: By all means return the merchandise, let the provider know how his shipped product can be improved. You get new shirts, they sell better ones, the shirtmakers learn their trade better.

Answer 2, The Humanitarian: Returning the merchandise deters the provider from contracting with the shirtmakers who undersized (just) what you bought. That village of laborers gets bypassed for any future work and suffer commensurately.



  1. I can see the frustration,however living in England, as the Darwinists would likely say, I am Marks & Spencer man. Thus they always have accurate sizing, which is great for misshapen middle aged chaps!

  2. I've been through a Marks & Spencer. In London, somewhere near Paddington Station or Edgeware Road. Same day I cut my finger and need to buy 'band-aids', but discovered they were 'plasters'.

    Don't think I'm not a learner!