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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dead Class Reunion Letter

L.C. :  Ran into her at a coffee house then, when they played live folk music.  She and I 'played a scene' of 'having to part reluctantly'.  I went a few short lines of movie dialogue and was willing to laugh it off as a good mutual joke, but she drew the scene out to (for me) uncomfortable lengths -- practicing a role as she would any actual lines of rehearsal?  Casually prick-teasing, just for practice?  Less 'reality' inside than even yours truly, thus filling-up an exterior to provide an interior?

Very, very sophisticated for her age.  From my (yes, yokel) vantage.  Troubled, likely.  Ambitious.  Dangerous, if loved.

D.B. :  She plain, healthy, 'of ambiguous lure'.  

A type I might have ventured for, found out a 'dark secret' about, pursued anyway, 'gotten talked to', and spilled seed in desperate aloneness over.  

Or just shared a liking for the mature films of Bernardo Bertolucci?

M.G. :  He dead so long ago, it must have been a couple, three, Imperial wars back. 

Name on a monument erected on Federal land and given homage heavily by those who hate Feds and want to sell Fed land.


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