Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clear Moon


Pianist unfamiliar, a very skilled contestant at a high-level competition.

I'm watching her technique.  I'm taking-in her orange dress, her smooth arms, her arched wrists and fingers.

The occasional audience foot-shift.  Jerry-built background curtain.  Cut-up stage.  Compartmentalized room.

Low coughs.  Dead Debussy.  Human, all-too-human, context.

Gorgeous music.

What makes me hear something 'better' in what man composes than what I see of him moment by moment?

I want the transcendence.  We do transcend.  I do insist so hard.



  1. I have been in love with the "Clair de Lune" for many years. Looking at the video initially, I was a bit put off by the shoddy background. Does not this beautiful melody deserve a better frame? Within seconds, the transcendence occurred, and there was only the music. Just the lovely unmistakable melody, which has been my love for years.

  2. I'm beginning to re-hear more complicated music. From Day One we're built up only a little, and most training stops far short of where it could go.

    I've been lucky. Someone along the line thought it was good to go on, and somehow I agreed. What luck! (It's frightening that it's luck.)