Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Black Cloud Evening, Lite

Politically speaking, as far as I'm concerned, the world is over.

This is a prerogative of my age, education, and position as anonymous pontificant.

Let me exercise a bit of Voltairean observation.

There might be a couple of thousand people within reach of real power who are acting sanely.

All others with power or near it, not to mention 6 billion-plus with none, are those who:

1) believe that all interests cancel each other to yield the best (the only!) possible result for the whole; or

2) believe that "I protect me and mine"; or

3) believe that [fill in label for deity here] oversees the result; or

4) believe in 'gimme'.

Fear is yielding to ideology is using technology is killing the only goose ever in town who laid any eggs.

Ergo, I'm reading up on, and will subsequently be listening to many hours of, foreign language grand opera.  On the agenda, as well, are writings on arcane theological reconstructions and long novels that will keep me until my eyes grow seriously dim or my brain squirrels back to the small streets of toddlerhood.

Yes.  I'm sure I'll feel better about it all tomorrow.  You know me.  Basically cheerful and ready to meet the challenge of winning-over the people we all (in theory) should love.



  1. There are times when escaping the realities of this world are essential to maintain our sanity. Sometimes we emerge with a newly invigorated perspective, and other times we crawl back into the den of hibernation, not quite ready for prime time politics, theories, and ideologies spoken from tarred rooftops. To escape into music or a good book can refresh the soul like water in a stream of consciousness.

  2. (Couldn't even do that today -- we had a 14 hour power outage! I did wander into a public library, and, dodging the crunch of germ-ridden people, made it to the empty aisle containing Shakespeare volumes. Ran into the formidable Professor Bloom on Shakespeare -- may very well add him to my bedroom stacks. Feel like a PTSS patient regarding the politics of our time. Exhausted and react to every opinion as if a gun were going off.)