Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Multi-cultural Arm's Length

Paris is only 140 miles closer to here than Pyongyang.

Where am I?

(This isn't a riddle; it's shellshock!)

(In air miles, 5150 vs. 5010!)



  1. We all carry a bit of Paris in our heart. Not so sure the same can be said about Pyongyang though.

  2. Claudia,

    "We'll always have Pyongyang."

    Well, at least we'll have that photo of the Folies Pyongyang. These gals have nukes? Living in Britain, you don't have the realization that trickles into our news on 'The Pacific Rim'.

    I used to think California, San Francisco, would be the point of entry for Asians wanting to immigrate to the States. Seattle is actually much closer an air shot.