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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chutzpah, Universe Style

The 'Theory of Everything'?

Which sounds like a bold, optimistic 'shot' by a systems-oriented mathematician.

A label so big it's overpoweringly fit for the lit stage of stand-up comedy.

That individuals of our species can devise a name, such as 'The T of E', with a straight face might give us hope that there is indeed an 'upside' to what year-by-year slides dirtward closer and closer.

Could be careerism, useful as a big notch in a resume, in one's own self-esteem. Could have the heft of achievement of a Fabergé egg, true creation, but have little commensurate effect, except on practitioners and collectors.

Remember: This is the same species that finds it hard even to tie a shoe without self-interested hurry, grumbling sloth, incompetence, or anger.


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