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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brain Gaps For 500, Alex

This 'memory thing'.

Newspaper Asimov quiz.

Varying 'chase' films, this one q about 2 prisoners chained together escaping prison.

Instantly could name the stars: Sidney Poitier, Tony Curtis. Prestige BW from the late 50s.

For the life of me couldn't come up with the name of the movie.

Dih . . . dih . . . dih. Nothing beyond that, as though I had forgotten the word pencil.

Dih . . . deadly? No. Dih . . . damn? Not at all. As though I were in need of speech therapy.

Later, after I had consigned the problem to mental 'deep search', after a power nap, the rhythm came to me:

Dah-DAH-dah-dah. Within split seconds after that: The Defiant Ones.


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