Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warren Beatty For President

Warren should have thrown it in the ring, his hat.

Rubber chicken dinners and ten months we would have stuck it with him

July smelling of sunscreen, the campaign geared for the neighborly gusto

of good women, picnic melon, Mission figs, the local cheese and follow-up thank-yous.

I'd be a lieutenant in that corps, burnishing the leader's star

think how better we'd look, how pretty the city, how fresh the USA, what curvature the globe would spoon to, had he.

How fine-tuned a world that runs cinematically on time, cordially, but with a big stick

you need someone with panache, you need someone to explain it all that way.



  1. Pure brilliance .... maybe he should shoot for 2016!

  2. This makes more sense than any of the current candidates do! And in a digital world, no sprockets for the film to get hung up on.....


  3. Helen,


    I think WB has given us his best already, may we thank him! In 1999 or so, rumor had him potentially running for CA Governor? It didn't go anywhere.


  4. Rick,

    I've always admired WB's films, his politics, and his impeccable (with the exception of Madonna) choice in women.

    As for now, I won't play thinks coy -- I'm an Obama man.

    (As likely WB is)