Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Thursday, February 23, 2012


The anthro prof, Jim Frazer, called it 'eating of the god', a strange appreciation, you'd think, for all that comes one's way

as when the mayor of a town would bake a man of dough -- an extra-large -- at harvest time

and break bits off for the farming folk to dip in the new wine decanted from old bottles

But now everyone knows each feeding place in France lays claim to good bread, and even the émigrés in the States serve hot loaf.

In fact, she and I know this place that's authentic here like a private home with Alsatian dog warming by the hearth, where

even though you call ahead you wait, full with a hungry sort in the anteroom and, poured around, complimentary Bordeaux blanc.

Once (if I may speak frank) by the power of their pork terrine we made love on a tiger rug out of Indochine.

I'd give it four stars on nothing more than the sweetbreads and the fact that our child was born

rollicking to the beat of the human heart as that beat goes on.


Monday, February 20, 2012

The Internationale

Taking the words of the Japanese girl

who saw the 'lain fawring' --

Off a fine Kolinsky sable brush the noon drizzles

Pacific Washington

Studio glass walls and overhead brighten so that from its wool

all sky's created equal.


A Garden Of Allah

An unanchored woman is far more precious than rubies, and

we awoke him from a deep bed sleep after making-out

propitiatory hand-over-fistful of money

to see the divorcée freshened by her love of travel

and the whiskey of his anecdotes about power avalanched us

putting our allegiance on 'On' by feel alone, charisma,

so she would dig for him, work hard for the victory his,

since everyone, all interested in November votes, looks to

this kind of sodality, this almost blood-brethrenship.


Saturday, February 18, 2012


Money's only paper and coin, smelling like hands,

lying inert on a sheet, not scampering like bed bugs

sometimes with a fan running why do people do favors

because they're people and they want to lie

down next to a thing that pretends to be better than

people and that's the lesson of a leader.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Effort

Small, small, small snowflake, small one

i needed special glasses and a tensor light.

Like a preemie, like the thing you have to keep alive

and they wondered why i spent an hour out there

in the cold on my knees not wanting it to disappear.