Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bird Voice

Hearing the coo of pigeons, a dovecoat of them, it seemed, above me on the institution's roof out of sight, I stopped my walk and purpose.

The unseen reverb of passenger high jets.

Misogynologically Speaking

Not travelling in the active, edgy world where -- at most -- only lip service is given to the notion of 'taste', one may come up halt against the nuance of type.

Let's attempt to discern? 'Slattern' refers to a woman degenerate in habits, perhaps aging before her years, of limited, low pleasures. 'Slut' points more directly to sexual activity, a woman willing to give herself often and boldly, finding excitement in the forbidden amount and pitch of desire. Near that, we find 'skank', a blend of sexual looseness and cheap taste.

Make My Day

The patience it takes not to want Clint Eastwood on speed-dial for such occasions as someone's prowling my car, thinking they're punks.



Haben Sie Verwandten im Ost Berlin?

Just at times when a pre-worded alert comes discreetly to an email inbox mentioning the legal notification requirements to inform of an armed robbery in the parking lot last night, less than one half-hour after leaving, one wonders at the methods of the Stazi, how inflexible would be their handling of thugs prowling through passenger cars and being miffed by inquiry at what was being done and looking up and saying something like Gimme your wallet, bitch!

WWTSD? (What Would The Stazi Do?)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stop The Verbal Abuse






When I hear these words, I reach for the pistol I don't have

Friday, April 24, 2009

Snapshot Of The Era Of Plenty

Assassinations of the 60s

Waste of the 70s

Backlash of the 80s

Hubris of the 90s

Arrogance of the Oughts

Empire Of Virtue

America's a nice place to cook and to sleep.

(But a frustrating place to think out loud)

Second Heaven

Okay. Two types of Heaven.

Entry level is a diner with good, bright lighting and formica tabletops, conversation with lots of explanation about the meaning of it all.

Higher level is the library. Vast, absorbing.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Upper Crust

Brown bread, chewy yet light, small seeds, three slices placed on a white server, buttered in random uneven thinness, waiting for human nature to lift and chew into.

Dark loo, shadowy white porcelain face bowl, human mouth cheeking small water, teeth releasing the particles like whale spew, the speckling of the sink with wheat, with rye, with residue.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Keeper Of The Keys

A field janitorial, custodial triumphant

Carkey, housekey, mailkey


Real stuff: The EB8 A00103, SB1982, SB1089, SB1072

More real, too: The 478949 (1246), AJ4, AJ1, 'all purpose' AC

Yet newer real: AJ1 (008377 [D145]), AJ4 (008377 [D145]), AC1 (008377 [D145]), the parentheticals denoting key size/type.

Why I Don't Think About North Korea

The best life is the scripted life

Energies explode within the right walls

The rage just let it grunt on pages

Placed performance for its beauty

Its own fury in theater, in a thinking crowd

Later round a table among friends

Friday, April 3, 2009

Didn't We Tell You? You're Already Hired!

The question isn't: 'Does the universe have meaning?'

The question is: 'Don't we have to assign the universe meaning?'

It's part of our job. Quite possibly our main job.