Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Restraining Order

Paris Hilton.

Every time she calls.

How many times I have to say it:

I don't do those things.


Spearesques 7

The core of it? Withdraw your hand and ask my pulse

Ignore the drop it feels at plunging such a deep chasm?

Bodies snap as they tumble, granite tosses them:

So say engineers of violence. Ask science why hearts break --

They smash against deaf other hearts.

My Gant In Your Face!

You've dishonored me and my literary studies!

Though I respect numeracy as much as any technophage on this planet,

Sensitivity to the 'aesthetic' of reading and of writing

Double-layers thinking over feeling, feeling over thinking:

The 'stereoptics' of a full humanity.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

With A Sistine Swagger

A man of some connotation, this, rough meat:

The sine qua non of me, the body.

On what head otherwise to stretch the balaclava

With what fist to grip the stick to break the glass

How at the same time lie at the Inn of the Open Sky

Expecting with lame hand the swooping-in Finger

Morning Stop, Morning Start

Coffee-house women

So clean their function, to punch up your mood

Social women and so pretty

An old man seems a suitor

Awakes to put the question.

They infuse, they steam, they perk.

Political 'Science'

A minority.

Being on a thin branch

When the strong wind

Wants to uproot the whole tree.

Even here.

Even in the Land of the Free.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


If we grow by our mistakes

There's never been an hour I've wasted.

If we 'waste not, want not',

Then I want for nothing.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mortar Board

Why not get a mind

Before they ask you to lose it?

The Long Hello

Sink into reading

Not like quicksand

Not like sleep

Like loss of self in orgasm

Though not an 'obliteration in pleasure'

But 'rebirth in understanding'.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spearesques 6

Velli: Odd codpiece, sirrah!

Erasmo: More better said a frontispiece.

Velli: You plough not, then, from within, the virgin earth?

Erasmo: If minds were soil, a bounteous crop result.

Friday, October 23, 2009

This Land Is 'Our' Land

30 percent of America is so sectarian ('How sectarian is it?) -- it's so sectarian that it wants my mouth shut and my genitals kept waiting for a rainy day, at 98.6 degrees in unobtrusive cotton.

Lawn mowed. DIY. Children at mental age 8 until marriage. Thoughts so repressed that repression itself seems like a love-in.

The Village Elder says: Hate thyself without knowing it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Functional Employee

So she says It's going to rain.

Then, In two weeks I'm going to Mexico.

Finally, she says, I'm menstruating.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spearesques 5

Hearts, were they ears listening utmost, hear worst,

And worse, straining to catch whate'er the breezes blow, go deaf.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Watch The Baton You're Swinging, Sir!

Did I make the point yet.

Has it appeared here.

Did my lips suggest.

A foray go in the direction of.

That it should be clear that.

Davy Crockett humor, not what it is.

Should one consider that proposition.

Misshapen as Richard III's backbone come the words from.

Entertainment, no, sir.

That Rush Limbaugh is just 5 'mother-may-I' steps from the Brown Shirts

Friday, October 16, 2009

Spearesques 4

What she tears up grew from her head.

She deracinates,

And from the ditches cut along her arm

Disrange the irrigations meant for fertile mind.

Spearesques 3

All sense lost from mind, all mind lost to sense

A toad in whose own amphibious ejaculate seems must seek the world

Its sustenance from marine bounty.

Loneliness Of A Long Distance Word Guy

More market for me

To polka in a jock strap and pasties

Than for my writing

Spearesques 2


Between earth's bread and sky's
Lie I to be eaten

True to be taken as a purgative
That trusting her will clear your bond

Once taken, twice corrupted

What, ho?
What? 'Ho'?

Spearesques 1

This glass in hand holds absence of reflection.

Moving tongue and queried eye, razored cheek to else belong.

What should be echo is soundless.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Side Pocket

The only 8-balls I've known have not had any magic about them that you'd want.

(I try to race ahead of any that I see).

Nothing To Be Done

Beckett On Film.

The difference between theater and cinema.

These films, done by a dozen (or two dozen?) directors.

Plays, originally. Films now. No 'filmic' director would experiment so; these tried holding true to drama, which is to say, words and gesture and tradition of thematic depth.

Exploration, sure, not just 'stage'.

Absences, sure, audience and players years and miles apart.

Intellectual edge.

Beckett's humor. Oppressive. Pathetic. A wry reality dressed down.

Hidden Agenda


Johnny Mercer's "Midnight Sun".

Ira Gershwin's "How Long Has This Been Going On?".

Each song, two lovers getting together.

Sweet findings. Love songs, two getting together.

The verbal pitch of the findings: "Each star its own Aurora Borealis, suddenly you held me tight/I could see the Midnight Sun"; and "There were chills up my spine/And some thrills I can't define".


The point of the findings: "Your lips were like a red and ruby chalice, warmer than a summer night"; and "Kiss me twice, then once more/That makes thrice, let's make it four".


Monday, October 12, 2009

Perspectival Event

Indigenous Peoples' Day: truly Columbus Day and vice versa?

What a straw in the wind seems political effort against the cliffs of tradition.

All rocks are meant to stand. Until erosion.

Classical Balance, American Style

Rocket attack, west.
Rocket attack, east.

A blonde, a red.
Brunette, brunette.

100 proof in an hour.
80 proof in 48 minutes.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gullible's Bunions

Fitly riding an eohippus, at my height.

Messaging my gums with the tail of a stegosaur, gingivitically sound.

Bac spore in the belly of a prehist insect saved in amber: talisman of health held in a chain around my neck.


The face of Queequeg.

The left arm of a Yakuza.

Both legs pictorially dangling ropes of spice from Jezreel.

In The Rotation

Currently, for those with one whit of interest:

Collected Poems: Phillip Larkin
The Great Code: Northrup Frye
A People's Tragedy: Orlando Figes

Cultural Amnesia: Clive James
Selected Poems: Anna Akhmatova
An Empire Of Their Own: Neil Gabler

War And Peace: Leo Tolstoy

Some of these are quite newly added, some around and pecked at/set down/resurgent for as long as almost 3 years. All of the above so fascinating as to dwarf the random occurrences of daily life which often succeed only when they're survived.

These works of art live.


The thin metal fork in the metal basin of the work room.

It has lain there since Spring.

It's been just there.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tube Tying


You've got to have seen a lot of it in order to know you shouldn't have seen it at all.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

'Nam' And The Choler It Rises

The Right hates the Left because the Right sees how right the Left is in charging the USA with no longer being right.

The Left hates the Right because the Left sees how right the Right is in charging the USA with no longer being The Power.

The USA doesn't know what it is if not the world's moral corrective.

Unpredictable Predictabilites

My enthusiasm for women with limps.

There was also a hyper-femininely-dressed woman work brought to me a few times a week whose perfume perfectly connected to her natural scent, and she was deaf.