Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Art Song

Her voice in the chanson so that I'm in that evening orchard,

in that peach odor, at silk, the soft plush lipid layering, too,

the savory of her in my ear, body gone to mind,

the experience of her, the reason for her, clear

voiced in the chamber of the SUV, she, and me

embarking for Cythera, still living in the idyll

hearing the night fiddle of crickets from the fields.



  1. This is so hot...soft plush lipid layering? Oh!

  2. Tess,

    In re-reading my own words -- and I handled this one 'mucho' -- I'm seeing it with new eyes.

    So much for the 'intentional fallacy'! I can't even read my own mind! At least, not long enough not to notice its changes.